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    Another Fuel Consumption optimization

    Toyota Cars As the continuation of the tips of Fuel optimization consumption, here is another tips for you all Toyota Car owners to get more and more mileage of your cars that I get from http://www.toyotaownersonline.com . ========================== * The most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running well is to change the engine oil on schedule. And remember to use the proper grade motor oil and a genuine Toyota oil filter. * Make sure to replace worn out wiper blades to ensure a clear view of the road under all conditions. * Being able to stop your vehicle is a critical part of driving. Inspect your brakes at regular intervals according to your Toyota’s recommended maintenance schedules. * Your battery should be checked periodically to ensure you
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    Fuel Consumption optimization

    Toyota Cars As Toyota cars owners, you must realized that even though your car has been design carefully by ingenious talents in Toyota, as a user there are still things you can do to maximize the fuel consumption of your Toyota cars. Here is the tips that I get from http://www.toyotaownersonline.com ========================== * When you drive a little faster, you burn considerably more fuel. Slow down and increase your Toyotas fuel efficiency. * Once youre out on the highway at cruising speed, use your vehicles cruise control. Youll burn less fuel if you do. * Slow down for hills. Maintaining your speed up a hill means opening your vehicles throttle, which burns more gas. On down hills, use gravity to help increase speed and improve fuel economy. * Accelerate only when you have to,


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